Enhance Your Wedding Photos With a Wedding Car

Professional wedding photography is the only way to beautifully capture each moment of your very special day, and renting a wedding car for the occasion can bring just the right touch of luxury to the day. If you have already decided to rent a limousine, classic car, or other vehicle, remember to coordinate the time of the rental with the time that your photographer will be on site to shoot your wedding. Many professionals choose to do the formal photos before the ceremony itself, which means you will want your wedding car on site ahead of time.

Create a Truly Memorable Moment – Your photographer will be skilled at sensing which shots your rented wedding car should be in, so let him or her (quite literally) call the shots. Even if your budget doesn’t allow for a daily rental of a luxury or classic car, you may be able to rent it out for a shorter period of time just for the purpose of being a prop in your photo shoot. With some extremely rare cars, this may be your only option, as the cars may be prohibited from being driven.

Add Luxury to your Themed Wedding – Whether you are having a large ceremony or reception at a million dollar estate, a high dollar hotel, or at a beachfront resort, renting a wedding car will fit in beautifully with your surroundings on your big day. Even a quaint garden ceremony or a backyard reception will call for a classic car or limousine, but if you plan on getting married at a palace, you better plan on having transportation worthy of royalty. The bottom line is that no matter what type of themed wedding ceremony or reception you are planning, there is a wedding car that is perfect for you.

Try Something Unique and Exciting – Using a wedding car in photographs has long been a tradition, especially when the photograph is of the “Just Married” sign hanging off the back of the vehicle. However, consider the unique options your photographer will have if you rent a classic or vintage car for the day – or even a few hours. Even if you can’t drive the vehicle, you can recreate scenes that appear as such. For instance, a shot of a bride in the backseat with her bridesmaids preparing for the ceremony would make a precious and lasting memory.

Many couples will rent a limo to take them to the chapel, or to the airport after the reception — but they are missing out on so much more. While wedding cars and limos are typically rented for transportation only purposes, why not go outside the box and put your time with the vehicle and money spent on it to good use? With the help of your professional photographer, you can create luxurious scenes with a vintage, rare or otherwise classic car sitting next to your wedding venue. Whether the car is actually driven to and from the ceremony, its presence will be a treasure for years to come. Just don’t forget the shot of the “Just Married” sign!

Wedding Photo Booth – To Hire Or Not To Hire?

Weddings in the UK form an unshakable multi-million pound industry – most people in their lifetimes will have one, maybe two, or at least experience one. From the traditionally inspired to the weird and wonderful, brides and grooms are looking for the most unique way to say “I do”.

Wedding photo booth hire, although no longer a totally unique idea, is an idea that evolves and changes with every wedding reception. More and more happy couples are looking to apply this firm favourite to their proceedings, having already recognised the benefits. But what are those benefits?

Apart from providing a unique experience and entertainment for your guests, a booth inspires a fun, creative approach to the traditional notion of wedding photography that brings it bang up to date. Many companies now provide guestbook options, whereby the staff operating the photo booth can ensure all the users stick copies of the photographic prints in and write personalised messages. Where once a guestbook would roam a wedding reception getting lost or seldom used, a photo booth guestbook is cared for and carefully coordinated by the “booth butlers” resulting in a precious keepsake from the day. See your friends and family as you’ve never seen them before, adorned in fancy dress or striking their best pose on high quality four-frame prints. You’ll catch a side of them you’ve never seen.

Every photo taken from the wedding photo booth will also be stored on a CD or DVD for the bride and groom to have after the event, as well as being uploaded to the company website or Facebook page. Guests will have a long lasting enjoyable memory of the day long after it’s over, as they tag the photos, share them and make them their profile pictures. There’ll be no doubt that everyone enjoyed your wedding day just as much as you!

So the benefits of wedding photo booth hire are clear. But if everybody else has seen the benefits, why should you get one? Won’t that make it like everybody else’s?

Wedding photo booth hire offers unbelievable customisation opportunities. The option of black and white prints or full colour is one example. Black and white can help a more sophisticated or vintage look, while full colour gives a fun appeal. You can also customise the booth itself, by choosing a unique skin. Bright white to match the dress? Why not! What about red, your bride’s favourite colour? You got it. But the groom is a die hard Newcastle fan – it’s got to be black and white stripes! No problem what so ever.

Unlimited prints are made for everyone who uses it (plus a double for the guestbook) that come complete with your pesonalised message. No matter how much your guests drink, they’ll always remember when that photo was taken with a single glance!

Wedding photo booth hire is a stress-free approach to wedding photography that provides fun and entertainment for guests of all ages. In fact, hiring your photo booth will be the least stressful part of your planning experience.

Planning to Wear Vintage Wedding Dresses?

Vintage wedding dresses are an entirely different concept if one wants to be reminded of the old times. ‘Old is gold’ is well said and seriously the style, fabric, design used to come at old times still looks trendy. Trends always repeat themselves except for the few changes that make the dresses a bit modern. Many couples want to keep their marriage simple and stylish; they want to stay away with the pinch of glamour and shine. So, the need arises of completely different wardrobe that goes with the theme. Vintage wedding dresses serve the purpose here.

If bride is going for vintage dresses, some trends can be kept in minds. Some styles that were very pleasing at that time can also be used today with a little modification. Netting at the neckline, dresses made of silk, white, ivory, off white or beige color can be some amazing trends which can be amended to give a perfect look keeping in mind the today’s era. Avoid ball gowns and prefer simple casual style to have a look of vintage dresses. Ankle length and floor length free flowing dresses are evergreen. Sleeves style is very important while deciding for vintage dresses. Long puffed, medieval, off shoulder peasant styles are some styles popular in those days.

You can buy a new dress inspired by vintage one. Consult some one having old dress and give it as an example to your tailor or designer. Besides this, you can also contact your grandmother or mother for their dress. It is easy to get the vintage style dress but remember to keep your style, simplicity, touch in the dress. Minor lace tears, rusted buttons and stains are easy to fix but split or shattered silk cannot be overlooked. You can also combine the old dress with new one. You can have the new gown combined with old veil. But, please remember to have a look upon veil condition. May be that the veil is shaded off and its white color is converted into off white that will surely not compliment your dress.

Online searches can help a lot in fixing the problem. There are many sites that can provide you with sample photos of vintage dresses. You can give those images to your designer. This is in fact the best one can do. Combining the vintage wedding dresses trends with new comfortable fabrics can give fruitful results.

One should take pains in deciding the vintage dresses as if not decided properly can give you an absurd look!