Enhance Your Wedding Photos With a Wedding Car

Professional wedding photography is the only way to beautifully capture each moment of your very special day, and renting a wedding car for the occasion can bring just the right touch of luxury to the day. If you have already decided to rent a limousine, classic car, or other vehicle, remember to coordinate the time of the rental with the time that your photographer will be on site to shoot your wedding. Many professionals choose to do the formal photos before the ceremony itself, which means you will want your wedding car on site ahead of time.

Create a Truly Memorable Moment – Your photographer will be skilled at sensing which shots your rented wedding car should be in, so let him or her (quite literally) call the shots. Even if your budget doesn’t allow for a daily rental of a luxury or classic car, you may be able to rent it out for a shorter period of time just for the purpose of being a prop in your photo shoot. With some extremely rare cars, this may be your only option, as the cars may be prohibited from being driven.

Add Luxury to your Themed Wedding – Whether you are having a large ceremony or reception at a million dollar estate, a high dollar hotel, or at a beachfront resort, renting a wedding car will fit in beautifully with your surroundings on your big day. Even a quaint garden ceremony or a backyard reception will call for a classic car or limousine, but if you plan on getting married at a palace, you better plan on having transportation worthy of royalty. The bottom line is that no matter what type of themed wedding ceremony or reception you are planning, there is a wedding car that is perfect for you.

Try Something Unique and Exciting – Using a wedding car in photographs has long been a tradition, especially when the photograph is of the “Just Married” sign hanging off the back of the vehicle. However, consider the unique options your photographer will have if you rent a classic or vintage car for the day – or even a few hours. Even if you can’t drive the vehicle, you can recreate scenes that appear as such. For instance, a shot of a bride in the backseat with her bridesmaids preparing for the ceremony would make a precious and lasting memory.

Many couples will rent a limo to take them to the chapel, or to the airport after the reception — but they are missing out on so much more. While wedding cars and limos are typically rented for transportation only purposes, why not go outside the box and put your time with the vehicle and money spent on it to good use? With the help of your professional photographer, you can create luxurious scenes with a vintage, rare or otherwise classic car sitting next to your wedding venue. Whether the car is actually driven to and from the ceremony, its presence will be a treasure for years to come. Just don’t forget the shot of the “Just Married” sign!