How Do You Choose A Vintage Wedding Gown?

You will certainly need a gown for your wedding. There are a lot of choices. And there are also plenty of styles for you to choose. Some may even go for a gown designer to design her own wedding gown. In fact, one of the choices of gowns which is quite a good choice is a vintage gown.

A vintage gown can indeed very stylish and looks more unique and beautiful than the new designs. And many people indeed love the quality of vintage items. It will be excellent and deliver a special meaning to your wedding if you can wear your mother’s gown which was make say in the early 70’s.

You can imagine, if it is possible, it will be even better if your mother’s gown can even pass to your daughter. The meaning of the gown becomes extremely special. Of course it may be a bit difficult since fabric deteriorates with time. But the idea itself is already extremely amazing and romantic.

However, if the above idea of taking your mother’s gown cannot be your choice for some reason, it can also be a good idea to buy a vintage gown. A vintage gown is usually cheaper than a new one (I bet it is because a vintage gown is a used one). In fact, the price of a vintage gown ranges from $300 to $3000. It mainly depends on the style, age and condition of the gown you choose.

Besides, the vintage gowns I refer to are mainly gowns made after the 40’s. Because the gown deteriorates with time, it will be nearly impossible to have a wearable gown which is made in the 19th century. And as a result, I will suggest you to go for gowns which are made after the 40’s. Sometimes you may be able to find a beautiful and wearable gown which is made in late 19th century but it is really a luck if you can find such a gown.

You may be now comparing the difference between a vintage one and a totally new one with modern style. If you are planning to buy a vintage gown, you should try to educate yourself with different styles of vintage gown first. They are usually sorted by age and you may need to do a little research on web for the styles in different times.

You may prefer a gown which is made in the 70’s rather another one made in the 50’s. And this is why you must learn a bit about that first. Besides, you should bear the following issues in mind:

  1. Stick to a shop which is of good reputation.
  2. If alteration is needed, it will be probably going down instead of going up.
  3. Never order it if you do not know the condition of it.
  4. Never buy a gown with stains.
  5. While trying the gown in a shop, try it delicately.
  6. Ask for every detail (e.g. size, condition, and ask for a lot of photos of the gown) if you are ordering from an online shop.

You may also consider making a new one which reproduces the vintage style. However, as a designer myself, I will rather stick to a real vintage one since it delivers a quality that cannot be described with words.