Make Your Big Day Special With a Vintage Wedding Dress

While contemporary wedding dresses are fine and beautiful, vintage wedding dresses add a special element to any wedding. The typical bride today is choosing to shop for a vintage dress as it offers an old fashioned, charming effect to the ceremony.

If you love quality clothing, then you know that sometimes new wedding dresses that are designed nicely have something that is not quite right, or something missing. Perhaps it is the use of inexpensive material or maybe the dress was not sewn well. Whatever the reason, some of the most expensive, modern wedding dresses are just not pleasing to the eye.

If you go with a vintage wedding dress on the other hand you are all but assured of good quality. The vintage wedding dresses being sold in high-end boutiques and on the internet were made during a period in time when every last detail was attended to. You can easily find dresses that date back to the early 1900s, which were worn once and then stored away properly so that they are as good as new. You can find designer originals created by the likes of Kathleen Kennedy or Chris Hudson Couture which feature antique lace and wonderful floral designs. Imagine how lovely your wedding photo will look when you are dressed from head to toe in one of these original gowns that often come with beautiful under-slips to complete the look.

Some of the most popular types of vintage wedding gowns being worn today are Edwardian style gowns. This type of gown features a high lace neckline and a large front lace yoke. The finest laces are used on the mutton-style sleeves and cuffs and the bodice is normally fitted through the waistline. Not only will your wedding pictures look amazing when you are wearing this type of gown but you will look absolutely spectacular as you walk down the aisle to exchange vows with the man of your dreams.

If you choose to shop online for vintage wedding gowns you can also enjoy looking through the vintage bridal lingerie, veils, shawls, capes and stoles. If your wedding budget permits you could even opt for some wonderful vintage bridal accessories such as lovely antique necklaces and anklets. There are many retailers on the web who offer vintage wedding clothing so be sure to set enough time aside to look through many of the sites. The offerings are breath-taking and the prices vary widely. There is so much to choose from today if your dream is to have a truly vintage style wedding.