Vintage Wedding Dress Is for the Fashion Conscious Bride

Have you ever had that nostalgic feeling towards a certain era? Maybe you were too young to remember the 70´s, but that never stopped you from listening to the old records on your turntables and yearning for that hippie chic look. Or maybe, you are mesmerized by the glamorous style of the 50´s and you are searching for the classics at every clothing store you enter.

We all have our own unique style that we like to cherish. Especially on the wedding day, one´s personal style has a great impact to the look and feel of the entire wedding. Probably the one most important contributing factor to the success of the wedding, is the Bride’s dress. When the perfect dress has been found, then everything else will follow. When the bride feels elegant and comfortable in her dress, she will outshine any little mishap that might occur during the big day.

But how can one find that magical wedding dress that saves the big day? A great way to find that special dress, is to go looking for vintage wedding dresses. It surely is a way to make a fashion statement, by wearing a one of a kind dress, that has been modified and personalized for the bride. Vintage wedding dresses come in various sizes and there are endless intriguing styles and looks to choose from. It is an exciting journey to the past, when searching and trying on the vintage wedding dresses. They are often very well made and the fabrics are durable. Those who are new with the vintage fashion can turn to the help of fashion stylist, who will find specific style that aids the bride to channel the desired image.

Who is the vintage clothing for? Fashion is a way to express and communicate personal thoughts, ideas and beliefs. Fashion does not mean following the latest trends too closely, even though the trends can be used to spice up the look. The wedding dress gets a lot of attention and is therefore an excellent way to share intimate qualities of the bride and groom. Today´s fashion conscious women are also environmentally aware and therefore they are most likely to wear vintage clothing. As the fashion often re-invents itself and borrows elements from the past, the vintage wedding dress can look authentic and more modern than newer designs. Vintage wedding dresses offer timeless options for fashion savvy women.

Planning the wedding should be a stress free activity that lets the creative minds take over. With a couple of friends and a vintage dress expert the perfect dress will surely be found. Even the brides maid´s dresses can be vintage and from the same era as the bride´s dress. The broad selection of vintage wedding dresses gives more options to go for the desired look and feel.

This is important, as the message of the dress will keep talking via wedding photos and video for generations to come. Imagine this, someday, someone who is looking for her ideal vintage wedding dress, might get the inspiration from your wedding photos.

Unique Ideas For Your Vintage Wedding

The last decade has seen an increase in the popularity of Vintage Weddings — perhaps it’s a desire to go back to simpler times when moral values seemed to make choices more straight forward.

Following are some tips that may be useful if you are considering a Vintage Wedding for that special day.

*** Vintage Wedding Attire ***

Traditionally, wedding dresses were often handed down from mother to daughter and they were not always white. Darker colors were common because wedding dresses were often expected to be used later for special occasions. Still you will find most of your choices will be white or ivory.

One advantage of choosing a vintage gown is you will have a wide variety of styles to choose from but the Victorian gown is the most popular.

Don’t expect your vintage gown to be in perfect condition but still you should choose with care. Shy away from missing buttons (they are impossible to replace), huge stains or tears. Also pay special attention to the stitching to ensure it will not start unraveling.

Also remember sizes were a little different in the past. Be sure and try on the dress or if purchasing online be sure you can return it if it does not fit.

Accessories are also important to the look. The veil was often the most elaborate piece the bride wore. It was almost always ivory or white, even with the colored dresses. Pearls are always appropriate with white and ivory gowns and make sure your jewelry, shoes and purse are matched to the color of your gown.

*** Vintage Decorations ***

Vintage decorations will usually incorporate a lot of lace and somewhat muted colors but make sure the colors match. is an excellent tool for choosing colors and they even have a special category for vintage weddings.

The centerpiece can help set the theme. It can be as simple as an antique vase with flowers or a vintage looking laced candelabra with candles. Another idea is a clear vase or bowl or an antique jewelry box filled with strings of faux pearls or even antique birdcages spray painted with a color of your choice.

You can usually find relatively inexpensive antique items for table decorations such as salt and pepper shakers, miniature or vintage tea sets with teapots and teacups placed on boxes and covered in lace to show they are not for actual use, antique candles or even perfume bottles.

*** Vintage Invitations ***

Use the invitation as a way to begin to set the theme with your guests. Throwback stationery styles like letterpress printing and tea stained papers can give your invitations some nostalgic charm.

Here’s another idea — use postal stamps with personalized pictures to make your invitations unique. I guarantee this will be a talking point among your guests for a long time. Have pictures taken of the bride and groom in appropriate era costumes for the invitation stamps and then use wedding staged photos for the stamp on your thank you notes.

A vintage wedding can truly make your special day more memorable both for you and your guests. Some even invite their guests to participate in the theme with appropriate costumes. It takes a little bit more effort but it can be fun and the end result is almost always worth the effort.

A Gorgeous Vintage Wedding Car Makes an Elegant Statement

While the newer forms of transportation are certainly luxurious and elegant, a vintage wedding car is often associated with the romance of the upcoming nuptials. You may be surprised at how many makes and models there are and how affordable these types of vehicle may be.
There are also a number of companies that now offer special packages when you hire more than one wedding car. You can reserve one for your bridal party and for your parents and allow them to feel as special as you think they are! Another thing to consider is that many companies also have lower rates on specific days. Many advertise that Sunday wedding car hires will receive a discounted rate for their wedding packages. You want to make your wedding reservation as soon as you have set the date, so you can ensure not only the best possible price, but also the best selection of vehicle.

Here are some very popular vintage wedding cars for 2009:

  1. The Royal Windsor: If you want a true classic, this is the vehicle for you. It has a convertible top and offers you the chance to experience traveling as if you were from an era that has since passed. This stylish, luxurious wedding car will give you that feeling of the lavishness that is quite appropriate for a wedding.
  2. The 1933 Rolls Royce Limousine: No matter what the occasion, this incredibly beautiful car is a wonder choice. It’s easy to see why this is a popular choice for wedding, as it simply states class and elegance. This vintage limousine can provide a terrific backdrop for some of your wedding photos as well.
  3. The Rolls Royce Silver Shadow II: It’s no wonder that a Rolls Royce comes in at two of the top five most requested wedding cars. This British car is one of the most luxurious wedding vehicles available and is very popular with discerning individuals. For the best in luxury and elegance, consider the Silver Shadow II for your wedding.
  4. The Ivory Daimler DS 420: If you plan on transporting your wedding party, this vehicle offers seating for seven. This is a true beauty and will provide the best in style and luxury for your and your wedding party attendants.
  5. The Austin Sheerline: What a beautiful vintage wedding car! This is a classic that has not lost anything with time. This vehicle offers the fairy tale experience for your and your fiance. Imagine pulling away from the ceremony in this magnificent vehicle.