Vintage Wedding – How to Build a Bridal Brooch Bouquet

A brooch bouquet is a perfect choice for the bride seeking to incorporate a unique element into her special day. It’s a great way to combine “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue” into a gorgeous hand-crafted treasure that can be passed down to daughters and granddaughters for many generations to come.

Unlike fresh flowers, a brooch bouquet will not leak, wilt or die. Of course, it can break, so the thoughtful bride may want to have a spare floral bouquet on hand to toss to eager bridesmaids. There are no strict rules for building a bouquet. Go where your imagination takes you and with a little treasure hunting perseverance and patience, you can create your very own heirloom quality brooch bouquet.

Start by raiding the dusty corners of your own jewelry box and then ask for contributions from your closest relatives. Bouquets filled with the pins and ornaments of loved ones who have passed away make a beautiful tribute. As with any search for treasure, half the fun is in the journey. Be prepared to laugh aloud and to shed a few tears along the way and remember that these powerful memories are the fabric of your life. Embrace them for all they are worth.

It’s important to decide on a color scheme. It can be whatever you choose. You may wish to go monochromatic – all silver, gold or white while adding accent colors to match or complement the bridal party colors. On the other hand, you may decide to lean more toward sentimentality and toss in everything you find for an eclectic rainbow bouquet. Follow the path where your memories lead and you can’t go wrong.

In addition to color, texture is an important consideration. Will your bouquet be full of glittery rhinestones, brightly colored enamel pieces or both? It’s entirely up to you. To create the bouquet, you will need somewhere between 50 and 85 trinkets depending on their size. Do not limit your treasure hunt to brooches and pins exclusively. Feel free to add in earrings, charms, medallions and pins. Dog tags, buttons and even wine corks from special occasions all help tell the story of your life, your relationship and the love you have found.

The bouquet should also reflect your personality – light and airy, solid and sturdy or even whimsical. Varying the size of the pieces helps to add depth and dimension. If you need more bling, inexpensive brooches and pins are available at craft stores; however, older pieces found at flea markets lend more character and tend to hold up better over time.

Once you have all your pieces collected, decide if the brooch bouquet will be a DIY project. If you are a bit clumsy or just too busy, ask for the assistance of a crafty, artistic friend or consider shipping your treasures to a professional craftsperson who will be happy to put your brooch bouquet together for a reasonable fee. Wedding photos of country singer Miranda Lambert recently received attention for her exquisite and professionally crafted brooch bouquet that was, reportedly, a gift from friends and family at her bridal shower.

Should you decide to go it alone, do not be afraid. It’s not difficult, but it does require time and patience. Just follow these general guidelines. To build the bouquet, secure each individual item to a wire that will form the stem. For weighty pieces, use several wires. The wire stems should be of uniform length. Wrap the wire with florist or corsage tape. Do not worry about the color of the tape since it will be covered later. Gather a handful of artificial flowers in the size and shape of your choice to form a bouquet and then began interspersing and threading in the individual pieces until the artificial flowers forming the shape of your bouquet are barely visible.

After all the “flowers” on their wire stems are in place, gather the stems together to form a handle and wrap the handle in corsage tape. Wrap the base where the bouquet meets the handle in beautiful ribbon, fabric or tulle of your choice and cinch the material for a gathered effect to form a collar. Take a piece of Grandma’s beautiful lace handkerchief or heirloom fabric from your mother’s wedding gown or veil to wrap the handle.

Finally, return to the bouquet to fill in any holes with small accent buttons, vintage pearls or beads. A hot glue gun will come in handy for this step. You can also accent the bouquet with real flowers that can easily be removed once the big day is over.

If you discover you have latent talent and the patience it takes, consider making smaller versions of your bouquet for bridesmaids or a flower girl. Your wedding day guests will marvel at your creativity and share in the emotions that heirloom pieces will undoubtedly evoke. While it may not be the most traditional accessory for a bride, a brooch bouquet is the perfect choice for the sentimental bride who wishes to carry treasured mementos of loved ones here and gone while creating her own special memories.

5 Helpful Suggestions for Planning Your Vintage Wedding

You’re getting married! Congratulations! While you still can’t stop daydreaming about your fianc√©’s hopefully oh-so-romantic proposal, I’m sure you are aware that planning a wedding is no mean feat. As such is it always best to be fully on your feet and in the know of the various things you may need to do, plan and just think about. Okay, so you know that you want a vintage style wedding, well that is a great start. But as for the details, you still don’t know what to do or where to begin. Yes, you plan to scan some magazines containing the most fabulous vintage wedding dresses and vintage wedding rings; but that is just the tip of the iceberg. As a truly stylish vintage wedding is beyond just the design of your dress and accessories. It is about the mood, feel and ambiance of the entire day.

Planning for Your Vintage Wedding

You may want to have a full vintage feel on your wedding or opt for more of a modern one with a little vintage twist here and there. It’s really your call. Below are some suggestions that can guide you in planning for that beautiful day:

1. You may want to look at some samples of vintage wedding invitations.

Your wedding invitation is the best tool you can use to inform your guests about your theme. You may opt to customize your invitations to look like telegraphs, old photos, or any remarkable item from your preferred era.

2. Consider the colors and designs of every single thing at your wedding venue.

Some periods are noted for particular colors and designs. For instance, turquoise would be a great representation of the 1950’s. You may also choose timeless styles for every detail in your venue, from the lighting to the tables and other decorations. Should you opt for a modern venue with a vintage twist, make sure everything blends well with each other.

3. Look for ideas about popular meals from your chosen era.

Your chosen era may have signature drinks and recipes that you may want to try. If you’d love to rekindle old family memories, you may choose your grandmother’s recipes and your grandfather’s favorite drink. Also, you may scan some catalogues containing the most adorable vintage wedding cakes.

4. It is best to also give some souvenirs that fit in your vintage theme.

Again, it depends on your chosen era. You may want to give away some vintage-styled items or products from an old family recipe as your wedding favors, for instance some sweets or trinkets that your great-grandmother used to make.

5. Choose between a vintage wedding dress or a modern one with a vintage touch.

The first option requires you to look for a specific style that represents your chosen era, whereas the latter enables you to just look for accessories that would complement your modern wedding gown. Neither are necessarily the easier choice, as both options require careful thinking and a lot of considerations. Meanwhile, whatever your choice is, make sure the attire of your whole entourage blends with yours and your groom’s.

There you have it; some simple vintage wedding ideas that can help you in planning for your big day. And while you may still go back to the memories of your fianc√©’s proposal, you may likewise daydream of your upcoming vintage themed wedding! And hey, don’t forget to take wise action, do you research and most importantly go with your gut instinct, this way you will be able to turn your wedding day dreams into reality.

Pin Up Photography – Adding Style To Your Pre-Wedding Photos

Unknown to many, pin up photography started way back in the 1890s. It was commenced by Jules Cheret, a Parisian artist. However, it was only during World War II that pin ups gained enormous attention, especially from soldiers.

Originally, pin ups were a by-product of the repression felt by women in terms of their freedom of expression. It paved the way to the liberty and equality women are enjoying nowadays. During the World War II, pin up posters were utilized as a means to uplift soldiers’ morale and veer them away from entertaining the idea of death.

At present, modern pin up photography is becoming more and more popular. It is no longer a simple symbolism of sex but also a form of art. As a matter of fact, it is already used as a theme for prenuptial photo shoots.

Women cannot get enough of the vintage, but fun and playful idea behind pin ups. Because of this, they want to dress up and pose like Marilyn Monroe, Bridget Bardot, Betty Grable, and Bettie Page in their pre-wedding photographs.

Achieving that pin up girl look in your engagement snapshots is actually easy. All you have to do is prepare the backdrop, props and of course, your costumes.


The photo shoot can actually be taken anywhere. You can have it either indoors or outdoors; just make sure there is enough lighting in your chosen location. For indoors, you can simply make use of a white fabric as your backdrop. Secure it with a tape or thumb tacks. You can also utilize other colours but it is highly advisable that you choose light ones.


For your props, get a table, bench or chair. Most pin ups have women sitting on something. It is best to use a simple chair or table for the shoot so it won’t distract viewers from the subject. You can also add books, a beach bag, an umbrella, old suitcase, hand-held mirror, or oversized sunglasses.


There is no need to buy expensive dresses or outfits for your planned pin up style photographs. Actually, there is no need to spend a huge amount of money for this photo shoot as you can recycle everything. For your outfit, you can just use an old cute bathing suit or a full skirt or even your favourite polka dots dress. A pencil skirt topped with a white poplin shirt will also do – anything retro, stripes, or floral. Pair your get-up with high heels. And to complete your ensemble, add a big flower or a cocktail hat.