Vintage Wedding Theme for the Classy and Creative

Your wedding is one of the most important celebrations that you are ever going to plan. Chances are that you have dreamed of it for years, but now that it is here, you may be a little unsure of where to start. The truth is that if you are like most brides, you want your day to be special and unique. One of the best ways to ensure that your wedding is going to be one of a kind, is to create a vintage wedding.

A vintage wedding is a wonderful thing because it has a very romantic feel to it. There is something magical about past eras and if you pair that with the love that you and your partner share it is the making for a really wonderful event.

Of course, when you are planning a vintage wedding you will want to start by selecting which era you would like to emulate with your wedding. Look back at the styles and music of our past and find one that fits the personalities of both you and your fiancé. Be sure that you love the era because you are going to want to include it in every wedding decision that you make. You are going to want to integrate the era into your choice of attire, food, decor, and even your location.

You may not be sure of how to do this, but it is actually quite easy. The key is to pay attention to the details. For example, if you are centring your vintage wedding around a Victorian theme, you may want to find a beautiful wedding bomboniere that will embellish your chosen theme. The wedding bomboniere could be a beautiful antique frame for photos. You can use this as part of your table decorations. It will give your tables that vintage wedding feel of romance and personalisation that you are looking for.

Additionally, you want to try to take cues from the era as to what type of attire you and the rest of your bridal party should be wearing. For example, if you are looking to plan a 1940’s vintage wedding you may want to choose a wedding gown with a silhouette similar to the ones that you would have seen in the 1940’s. Or perhaps you would rather incorporate the era into the makeup design of your bridal party. Red lipstick played a big part in the look of 1940’s starlets. If you want to look like you just stepped off of the red carpet, you might want to wear lush red lips for your big day.

You may also want to look at incorporating some family heirlooms into your vintage wedding. These pieces have some history and nostalgia to them. If your grandmother had a beautiful set of jewellery that fits into your theme, you should wear it to your vintage wedding. Or perhaps you want to fill your wedding bomboniere antique frames with vintage wedding photographs of your relatives on their wedding days.

Planning a vintage wedding is not nearly as hard as you may have thought, in fact it can be a lot of fun to explore the romantic eras of the past to find one that speaks to you. Additionally, having a vintage theme for your wedding can help to focus your overall event design. This ensures that your wedding day will be cohesive in its design and beautiful for all who attend.

Vintage Wedding Dresses – The Best Wedding Dress Type for Vintage

When using the word ‘vintage’ about wedding gowns, one should be aware that it has a dual meaning in today’s world of fashion: It can, however, also mean that the gown has been carefully replicated from old photos or drawings. The word ‘vintage’ can today also be interpreted as ‘second hand’ gowns/dresses, although it is not said loudly.

It may be a costly affair to create/purchase a wedding gown and only use it for some hours on the day of the wedding. There are, of course rich and famous people, including royalty, who can afford it and who preserve exclusive gowns as family heirlooms to be re-used wholly or partly by the subsequent brides of the family. Such gowns can be called true vintage gowns.

On the other hand, in today’s economic conditions, there are many commoners who find it unnecessary, not to say waste of money, to spend an awful a lot of money for a dress to be worn a single day, although it usually is the dream of a bride to show off her best. Brides will often forgo her dream about a gorgeous new dress and will therefore, without any hesitation, go for ‘vintage’ gowns, which have been worn by others for a similar occasion. Another form of ‘vintage’ is to hire the gown like the groom often chooses to hire his outfit instead of spending a lot of money for that special day.

Goring back to the real vintage gowns one must be aware that royal weddings are the ones most talked about and described in detail after the ceremony. Until the bride walks down the middle of the church, the design and materials are kept as a tight secret so that the awe will be the greater on the wedding day when the bride steps out of the carriage or car. Such gowns, which both invitees and public at large may see and admire, count for a lot to enhance one’s social standing if one is not a royal.

As examples one can mention spectacular outfits for princesses and queens and celebrities. In England, at the time she was Princess Elisabeth, the country experienced post-war austerity. She was so well liked that many hundreds of brides-to-be sent their cloth coupons to her so that she could have the dress of their dreams.

When Princess Margaret, Elizabeth’s fashionable sister, married in 1960, she chose, much against the designer’s wish, a streamlined version of the hour-glass ball-gown silhouette suiting the figure of the princess. It was a made with many layered organza with no embellishment. In keeping with the attitude of the princess, it struck a clear true note of the personality.

Lady Diana Spencer wore a riotously romantic Victorian wedding gown full of frothing ruffles… not to mention the 25 foot long train. Her extraordinary outfit fulfilled the public fantasy about a fairy-tale princess wedding.

In the early 1900’s many ladies favoured fluffy and elaborately decorated dresses and gowns with pintucs and many layers of lace were in fashion then. The gowns became more and more sleek and thus demanded extra skilful tailoring.

As the hemline went upwards from full skirt to tea-length, the grandiosity also disappeared. A notable feature has been that as the gowns grow sleeker and sophisticated, the accessories gain more importance.

How to Have a Vintage Wedding

Why go vintage?

With the rise of all-inclusive hotel wedding packages, it seems that many modern weddings are very predictable. There’s the ceremony, the champagne reception, the photos, the wedding breakfast, speeches, cutting the cake, and a first dance… They even provide you with a master of ceremonies to announce each stage of the day as it progresses (watch out for the black-suited woman with her hair in a bun and a monotonic voice). Perhaps you’d like something different.

Enter the vintage wedding world!

In fashion and style, vintage is BIG. It’s eclectic, unique and most importantly, individual – exactly what you want for your wedding day, where it’s all about you.

How do you go about making your wedding vintage? Here’s a few ideas:

1. A vintage dress – it could be authentic, or an imitation of a vintage style from the 1920s – 1970s. Check out the vintage clothing boutiques near you, and there’s an array of choice online too. You could opt for a classic, Empire-line dress from a high street retailer for an inexpensive alternative to the current trend of strapless corset-with-meringue dresses.

2. Accessorize – from your hair piece to your jewellery, vintage accessories don’t have to be expensive, but can look stunning and unusual. A lacy bolero or beautiful shoes could really make your outfit complete. If you’ve gone for a cheaper dress, why not splash out on your accessories for an indulgent finish?

3. Venue – choose a venue that isn’t a generic hotel, but has something historic or Romantic about it. The ruins of an abbey, or the beams of an old lodge, could give your wedding a real sense of atmosphere, and make for some fabulous photography!

4. Cars – hiring classic cars for transport can add the finishing touch to your vintage look. Make sure the chauffeurs dress appropriately, and ask your photographer to experiment using the windows of the car for different effects, such as mirroring.

5. Chintz and glamour – You can add vintage colours, prints and patterns using fabrics (perhaps for napkins), tableware (you could use vintage cups and saucers as candle-holders) and favours; the possibilities are endless!

Tell your photographer that you’re planning a vintage theme, and then they can produce some images with retro colouring: milky shadows and smoothed shades. A vintage wedding could give you the distinctive stylized day you’ve always dreamed of, and be nostalgic and enchanting for your guests.