To Arrive in Style, Try a Vintage Wedding Car Hire

Isn’t your wedding the most special day of your life? You obviously want everything to be perfect, romantic and beautiful on your ceremony. Everything from your dress, jewelry, menu to the location, decor and of course your wedding transportation. There can be nothing classier than a vintage car for your wedding.

We’ve all seen Mustangs, Bentleys and Rolls-Royces in photos. Imagine one of those gliding towards the church or your wedding site with those beautifully tied white ribbons flowing from the front of the bonnet to the car windows.

You could find one of these vintage cars through wedding transportation companies which are present virtually everywhere. Unfortunately most of these companies have only one or two vintage cars available for rent. This is because these cars are expensive to purchase and maintain. You’ll have to do some research to find a good vintage car and book it in advance.

Visit as many local wedding transportation companies as you can find. It is important for the groom to make sure that vintage car is clean. Since they are old, many of them have overly greased door hinges which do not match and look pretty with the glowing white bridal gowns.

You probably would not want to drive the hired vintage car yourself with your newlywed bride sitting next to you. Check that the company you hire the car from offers a chauffeur service. Take a test drive of the car the previous day to make sure it runs smoothly and does not break down mid way. If there are any repairs that you feel need to be done, ask the company to get it done or choose another car. You wouldn’t want to be embarrassed on your wedding with a car whose doors or windows don’t open.

A wedding is a girl’s special day. Decorate the car with flowers, ribbons to make your bride feel like a princess in a fairy tale when she travels in it.